About Foakeswagons

Me.....Rachel, sells used cars in banbury and beyond. I pride myself on selling good quality used cars with a professional, honest and efficient service. A ‘make it count’ experience.

I believe anyone buying a car, no matter the value, should receive the same great level of customer service. 

My objective is to ensure you have full confidence when buying, making it less stressful for the you, the buyer.

MY mission

Rachel Foakes

"I care about the cars I sell and the people I sell to in Banbury and Beyond''

What makes me different is that I love cars and love customer service… Simple."

Rachel Foakes

Banbury Forecourt

Open day balloons at our Banbury forecourt


I can accept payment via all major credit and debit cards or by bank transfer. Cash too of course
Not at all, just pop down during our opening hours and I'll be happy to help. In some circumstances, I can also arrange appointments outside of our normal opening hours. We're flexible like that!
Oh yes! Please pop along and have a cuppa with me!
Yes, from time to time, I can source specific vehicles but our Stock is where you'll find everything I have available. If you have a special requirement, please let me know and I'll do my best
Yes, I can explore part exchange deals with you if that suits your circumstances

Rachel's Story

Since a young girl I have always been into cars, or anything mechanical to be honest; planes, trains and automobiles! I grew up in a pub where Mum and Dad worked hard and my older sister and I were looked after a lot of the time by our auntie and uncle. My uncle is a mechanic and instead of playing with dolls and dressing up I wanted to be outside with him fixing cars.  I looked up to my uncle, I remember the first time I saw him tune an engine by ear, no timing lights back then!  As I grew older and became the age of driving I had my first car which was a D Reg Vauxhall Astra 1.3 L in white 5Dr.  I loved that car, but most weekends were spent with my uncle climbing 5 cars high in the scrap yard getting bits for the car to fix it!  My uncle and auntie have also spent a fair bit of time coming to rescue me when the car broke down… but we always got it going again!

Because of this, from a young age I always said I’d be a car mechanic and one day have my own garage.  Since I left school, in 1999, I have worked in the motor trade.  Starting right at the bottom as apprentice mechanic, passing my exams and working my way through to technician, warranty administrator, service reception and then sales. Going into the motor trade as female is scary, but with a very strong Dad and uncle I had the attitude that I’m not going to change the way things are, as it is man’s world, also work hard and not be afraid to ask for help, its seems to have done me well so far!

Finally, after years of working in the retail dealerships, I decided to make that little girl's dream come true and start my own car sales business, so I can follow through with all I’ve wanted to that is restricted in retail car sales.

Discovering 'sales' was the area I really loved, I continued working for manufacturers such as Toyota, Volkswagen and Audi, I also worked within Used Car Sales and Fleet Sales. The majority of this time has been with Volkswagen and I have a huge passion for anything VW, hence the name of my business! The name of the business comes from when I bought a T4 Transporter and converted it into a campervan, one of my dear friends named it the ‘Foakeswagon’ and from there on I have always said I would use that as my business name.

I love selling cars and making people happy, I believe that everyone and anyone, regardless of how much money they spend, should receive great customer service. Sales isn’t just taking orders for cars for me, it's talking about what you like and what you want from your car and then finding you the car that suits your needs. I want to sell cars my way, which is honestly, decently and with a smile! No forms to fill in (unless it’s the order form), no added extras, no hidden costs, nothing but sales of decent, genuine cars at affordable prices. I’m very much a people person and a people pleaser, I like to help in any way I can with anything in life.

I aim to provide banbury and the local community with good, decent, honest used car sales and offer great service to go with it! So come and buy a car!!

Foakeswagon Clock
Foakeswagons Clock
Chewwy helping with the initial setup
Chewwy helping with the initial setup
Inside my office
Inside my office